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The Unalienable Rights Foundation

Inalienable Rights

Dillon Rule

Citizens Guide - Impeachment

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Organic Documents
[ Organic Documents ]

·"offenses against the laws of nations"
·Executive Branch Review Conference ~ Federalist Society
·A Treatise of the Court of Star Chamber
·What is a Militia, as Penned to Paper in Virginia Law
· Thomas Jefferson On the Failure to Treat Law As A Science
·The Ancient ‘Science’ of law has been forgotten.
·The questions that beg answers from Virginia's Attorney General
·The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law,. . . sh
·The Scottish Declaration of Independence


What is a UARF Fellow 

     CNN LAW
·Court upholds limits on Navy sonar training
·Slain wife accuses husband from the grave
·Prosecutors drop parent-killing case
·Priest accused of lying in mob investigation
·Inmate shot dead after brazen escape
·Juror: Judge and jury pressured me to convict
·Man convicted for Internet hoax death
·Zoloft killer's 30-year sentence appealed
·Girl who shielded mom is a hero at school
·Holloway disappearance hits cold case file


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Meet UARF's Forensic Evidence Managers

UARF Forensic Evidence Teams *
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Purpose of the Unalienable Rights Foundation

New Page 1 The Unalienable Rights Foundation


of the

Unalienable Rights Foundation


Virginia Nonstock Corporation

This Foundation was founded in order to form a more perfect union, establish Justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense of unalienable rights, promote the general welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, promote freedom, property rights, civil rights, constitutional guaranteed rights in the Constitutions of the United States, the Commonwealth of Virginia and its sister states, The Declaration of Independence of the Thirteen Colonies as approved in the CONGRESS of the United States of America on July 4, 1776 - this also being known and referred to as The Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America, the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union as affirmed by the Congress of The United States of America on July 9th, 1778 and any and all Matters arising therefrom or in any way or manner related thereto: and  To Continue - MORE

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UARF Office of Civil Rights

UARF Office of Civil Rights
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Antonin Scalia on Separation of Powers

Seperation of Powers Antonin Scalia

of Powers

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Presentation of A Summary
of The Right Hon. Justice
Antonin Scalia’s
Summer Course on the
Separation of Powers

Instruction for the FOIA request you were sent

To see the instruction for replying to the FOIA request you received

To see the instruction for replying to the FOIA request you received from the Unalienable Rights Foundation


 Virginia Marine Resources Commission April 24 / 2017 Meeting

Virginia Regulatory Town Hall New Page 1



The Virginia Marine Resources Commission invites public comment on the establishment of amendments to the regulations, as proposed below. By April 10, 2017, the proposed draft regulations may be viewed at the Virginia Marine Resources Commission, 2600 Washington Avenue, Newport News, Virginia.


In accordance with Section 28.2-209 of the Code of Virginia, a public hearing on the proposed amendments to these regulations will be held no earlier than 12:00 noon, on Tuesday, April 25, 2017, at the Virginia Marine Resources Commission, 2600 Washington Avenue, Newport News, Virginia. Public comments on the proposals should be provided to Robert L. O’Reilly, VMRC Fisheries Management Division, 2600 Washington Avenue, 3rd Floor, Newport News , Virginia 23607, by 12:00 p.m., Monday, April 24, 2017.



I.                   Chapter 4 VAC 20-450-10 et seq., "Pertaining to the Taking of Bluefish"

The Commission proposes to amend Chapter 4 VAC 20-450-10 et seq., “Pertaining to the Taking of Bluefish,” to establish the 2017 commercial bluefish quota as 1,014,773 pounds. The 2016 commercial bluefish quota was 580,287 pounds.


The purpose of this amendment is to comply with the federal and interstate management plans for this species. 


II.                Chapter 4 VAC 20-950-10 et seq., "Pertaining to Black Sea Bass"


The Commission proposes to amend Chapter 4 VAC 20-950-10 et seq. "Pertaining to Black Sea Bass," to establish recreational black sea bass management measures for 2017. The 2016 recreational black sea bass fishery was managed by a 12 ½-inch minimum size limit, total length, a 15-fish possession and open season from May 15 - September 21 and through October 22 - December 31.


The purpose of the amendment is to comply with the interstate management plan for this species.




Posted by editor on Tuesday, April 11 @ 06:46:43 MST (4280 reads)
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 2017 Virginia Council Meeting Dates

UARF FOIA Advisory Council New Page 1
Dear FOIA Council Members and Interested Parties:

This message is to provide notice of the upcoming meetings of the FOIA Council, the Proprietary Records and Trade Secrets Subcommittee, and the work group of the Subcommittee for 2017.

FOIA Council

The full FOIA Council will meet at 1:30 PM in House Room 1 of the Capitol Building, Richmond, Virginia on the following dates:

Monday, May 15, 2017
Monday, August 14, 2017
Monday, November 20, 2017

FOIA Subcommittee

The Proprietary Records and Trade Secrets Subcommittee will hold its second meeting of 2017 at 1:30 PM on Monday, May 1 in House Room 2 of the Capitol Building, Richmond, Virginia.  The Subcommittee consists of Council members King-Casey, Porto, Seltzer and Vucci.  More information about subcommittee work for 2017, including the 2017 Study Plan, is available at http://foiacouncil.dls. virginia.gov/subcom_mtgs/2017/ subcom17.htm.

Work Group

The Subcommittee asked that interested parties meet with staff to consider another version of the proposed general exemption for trade secrets.  That meeting will be held at 1:30 PM on Tuesday, April 25, 2017 in the House Redistricting Room, 2nd Floor, General Assembly Building, 201 N. 9th Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219.  All interested parties are welcome to attend and participate.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

 Maria J.K. Everett, Executive Director and Senior Attorney
Alan Gernhardt, Senior Attorney
Jessica L. Budd, Staff Attorney
Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council

201 North 9th Street

Richmond, Virginia 23219

(804) 225-3056 or 1-866-448-4100 (toll free)

The staff of the Freedom of Information Advisory Council is authorized to issue advisory opinions. Please be advised that any staff advisory opinion delivered by e-mail is based solely upon the facts and information presented in your attached e-mail inquiry.

Posted by editor on Tuesday, April 11 @ 04:58:02 MST (3661 reads)
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 Tell your representatives in Congress to End Daylight Savings Time!!

Law and Order Recipes for Solutions it is time to repeal<br> DST

Daylight Saving Time [DST] is the 
Greatest Continuing Fraud ever perpetrated 
on the American people !!!
Tell your representatives in both the 
U.S. House and Senate it is time to repeal
DST; you want them to end DST.

Tell your representatives in both the U.S. House and Senate you want them to end DST. Fill out this form and forward it to your representatives.  
Mouse over the form above, click on it to download the form. Print it, and fill it in.  Send it to your representatives by fax, email-scan, or first class mail.   

Daylight Saving Time Is America's Greatest Shame

Daylight Saving Time [DST] is the greatest continuing fraud ever perpetrated on the American people. And this past weekend, the effect of this cruel monster reared its ugly head again.

Tell you representatives in Congress [Senate and House] you want to stop this insane practice. Let the representative know you want a change made to this outdated irrational Law.

On Sunday morning, Americans across the country were forced to set their clocks back one hour, and this week, the sun will begin its ambling lurch to set at 4:30 in the afternoon.

Technically-speaking, this sleep cycle-wrecking practice of setting our clocks back occurs so we can return to Standard Time after our flirty summer with DST. And the unsettling shift back to these hours, and the hour "we gain," is the back-end of the time-bargain we pay for setting our clocks forward in March to "maximize daylight"—a phrase probably better suited to organisms that rely on photosynthesis—during the spring and summer hours.

Why we try and "maximize daylight" like we're plants is actually an archaic practice first thought up in the late 1700s and often attributed to Benjamin Franklin. As some elementary school teacher may have explained to you, this was a practice to accommodate agricultural workers and farmers (wrong, and we'll get to this in a minute) or to lower the nation's electricity usage.

A lot of that is prime nonsense, pure b.s.. There is actually no benefit or rhyme or reason for why we had to endure this weekend's time shift and no reason we should even be playing with the idea of losing and gaining hours. Here's why:

The Energy Savings Are Minimal

A large push for DST has always been the idea that this time warp saved money and helped conserve energy. In the 1970s the energy crisis helped further this notion along. This is all a myth—the energy-savings are tiny. First off, did you notice any change in your energy bills between 2006-2008? I know that recalling electricity bills is asking a lot, but the reason I ask is that we actually extended DST by a month in 2007. The thought was that a month of DST would bring more savings.

That was wrong. The great energy-sucking state of California actually studied the impact of that extension and found it wanting. "Formally, weather- and lighting-corrected savings from DST were estimated at 0.18%," the California Energy Commission reported.

There was also another study on the state of Indiana, a state that went full DST in 2006. A team from Yale studied what happened post-DST, and found that the average Indianan was hit in the wallet by DST. National Geographic reported:

In their 2008 National Bureau of Economic Research study, the team found that lighting demand dropped, but the warmer hour of extra daylight tacked onto each evening led to more air-conditioning use, which canceled out the gains from reduced lighting and then some: Hoosiers paid higher electric bills than before DST, the study showed.

DST Is Bad For Your Health

Seasonal affective disorder [SAD], is when people get bummed out when the seasons shift. Sunlight plays a role into that, and you'd think that DST would be something everyone would be looking forward to. Wrong. In order to get more daylight during the day, DST short-changes the early-morning sun hours. Those hours are important for those affected by SAD. And it's also very important for your sleep patterns.

"Daylight savings time is anti-physiologic, and it’s a little deleterious, at least for several days," Dr. Nicholas Rummo, director of the Center for Sleep Medicine at Northern Westchester Hospital told Health.com, adding that "light earlier in the day is more helpful for them."

Research has also shown that DST, and shifts and the rupturing of sleep patterns is also linked to myocardial infractions (a.k.a. heart-attacks), car accidents, and medical equipment malfunctions.

Time Shifts Are Bad For Your Productivity 

American exceptionalism is a phrase we've heard a lot recently, and it's usually prefixed by words like "dwindling" or "losing faith in...". If we want to continue this path, then we might as well have DST and shifting time patterns every few months. The weird shift in time messes with our sleep patterns and our bodies, and our work.

"We're encountering data of an increase in extra auto and workplace accidents on Monday or perhaps even carrying through the first week of the Spring time shift," Dr. James Wyatt, at Rush University Medical Center told ABC News in 2012. National Geographic spoke with Till Roenneberg, a chronobiologist, and he explained why:

Light doesn't do the same things to the body in the morning and the evening. More light in the morning would advance the body clock, and that would be good. But more light in the evening would even further delay the body clock. 

DST Is Not Financially Responsible

Think about what you could do with $147 million. That's how much the Air Transport Association estimated the 2007, one-month shift cost the airline industry because time schedules with the world (a lot of which does not believe in DST) were messed up.

DST Is Not Helping Any Farmers

Oh right, we almost forgot about farmers. I remember my second grade teacher told skinny, frail, 7-year-old me, "We do this [time shift] for the farmers." I didn't know any farmers, but I remember feeling noble and helpful. I did not know I was being lied to.

"That's the complete inverse of what's true," Tufts University professor Michael Downing, told National Geographic. "The farmers were the only organized lobby against daylight saving in the history of the country." The reason, Downing explains, is that DST left them with less sunlight to get crops to market.

DST affects dairy farmers the most, since cows' bodies and the milk they're tasked with producing are affected by the time changes.

You Don't Even Like DST

"God, I love getting up an hour earlier," said no one ever. "Me too. I can't wait to have my schedule messed up in the fall," no one replied.

A 2011 Rasmussen poll (for what it's worth, Rasmussen can be a bit skewed when it comes to conservative politicians but seems to have no known bias against time zones) found that 47 percent (ha, Romney, ha) of Americans said DST was not worth the hassle.

So how do we fix all of this? The real evil here is change. No one really minds if 4 a.m. is 4 a.m. They (and their possible heart attacks) mind if for some reason or another that 4 a.m. is now 5 a.m and will be 4 a.m. in a few months. It's time to stop this insanity.

To tell you representatives in Congress [Senate and House] you want to stop this insane practice complete the form attached to this post and either fax, electronically mail, or send the request form to your representatives via first class mail that will let the representative know you want a change made to this outdated irrational Law.

The tome in support of our position on the elimination of daylight savings time was created by The Wire and found on:



Posted by editor on Tuesday, March 14 @ 10:16:46 MST (6862 reads)
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 Service available to the hearing impaired attending government meetings

Civil  Rights

Hearing impaired individuals should request this service from your state and local government agencies to that you know what is going on at those government agencies' meetings. This is the form our membership uses when planning to attend the agency meeting.  Fill it out and send it along to the agency 3 days in advance of the agency's meting.


Mouse over the form below, click on it to download the form. Print it, and fill it in.  Send it to the person and agency by fax, email-scan, or first class mail.  The Unalienable Rights Foundation recommends that you hand deliver it to the agency if at all possible.



Posted by editor on Monday, March 13 @ 13:47:20 MST (5438 reads)
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 How to get notices of government meetings in Virginia!!!

Freedom of Information [Project FOIA]


Keep up to date with what Virginia & Local Government meetings that are being called, by whom, and the topics. Fill out this form and forward it to the agency.  Mouse over the form below, click on it to download the form. Print it, and fill it in.  Send it to the person and agency by fax, email-scan, or first class mail.  The Unalienable Rights Foundation recommends that you hand deliver it to the agency if at all possible.

Image may contain: text


If you have any  questions feel free to write us @ subscribe@uarf.us

Posted by editor on Monday, March 13 @ 06:20:24 MST (4301 reads)
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 The GOP Virginia Assembly screwed you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Virginia Regulatory Town Hall >

How Dumb is the GOP General Assembly ????
Dumb enough to pass a law to give Human Rights Controlling power to the the Marxist regime of  Terry McAuliffe and Mark Herring [Democrats All]
Read this very Slowly to see how you voted to give the power to the individuals you elected to the Virginia General Assembly get laws in place to preserve your rights in fact take those rights from you via giving Human Rights determination to those that would take your rights to rule and govern your own life to society's deviants and their henchmen! 

Department of Law
Department of Law / Office of the Attorney General
Regulations for the Division of Human Rights [1 VAC 45 ‑ 20]
red ball Proposed Text 3/8/2017  8:36 am  
pdf Agency Statement 6/23/2016   (modified 3/6/2017)    
pdf Attorney General Certification 9/26/2016    
pdf DPB Economic Impact Analysis 11/4/2016    
pdf Agency Response to EIA 3/1/2017    
red ball Governor's Approval Memo 12/6/2016   

Exempt from APA No, this stage/action is subject to article 2 of the Administrative Process Act and the standard executive branch review process.
Attorney General Review Submitted on 6/23/2016
Review Completed: 9/26/2016
Result: Certified
DPB Review Submitted on 9/26/2016
Review Completed: 11/4/2016
DPB's policy memo is "Governor's Confidential Working Papers"
Secretary Review Secretary of Independent Agencies Review Completed: 11/4/2016
Governor's Review Review Completed: 12/6/2016
Result: Approved
Virginia Registrar Submitted on 3/1/2017
The Virginia Register of Regulations
Will be published on 3/20/2017   Volume: 33  Issue: 15
Comment Period A public comment forum will open on 3/20/2017 and remain open through 4/19/2017
Effective Date 5/5/2017
Contact Information
Name / Title: Paul Kugelman  / Senior Assistant Attorney General/Regulatory Coordinator
Address: 202 N. 9th Street
Richmond, VA 23219
Email Address: OAGRegCoordinator@oag.state.va.us
Telephone: (804)786-3811    FAX: ()-    TDD: ()-
This person is the primary contact for this agency.

Posted by editor on Sunday, March 12 @ 08:19:11 MST (3495 reads)
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 Reasonable Accommodation Requests for Assistance Animals

Virginia Regulatory Town Hall


Reasonable Accommodation Requests for Assistance Animals

Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation
Guidance Document Information 
Title Reasonable Accommodation Requests for Assistance Animals
Document ID 6045
Summary The purpose of this guidance document is to address issues regarding the “verification” of reasonable accommodation requests for assistance animals, particularly those assistance animals that provide emotional support or other seemingly untrained assistance to persons with a disability.
Latest Revision 3/1/2017
pdf View document text     Posted On 3/6/2017                 Document on Town Hall

This document applies to the following chapters
[18 VAC 62-20] Fair Housing Board Certification Regulations
[18 VAC 135-20] Virginia Real Estate Board Licensing Regulations
[18 VAC 135-50] Fair Housing Regulations

Posted by editor on Tuesday, March 07 @ 06:40:18 MST (3720 reads)
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 Virginia State Board of Education School & Division Accountability

Virginia Regulatory Town Hall


Department of Education
State Board of Education
Board of Education Committee on School & Division Accountability

Meeting Details
Date / Time 3/22/2017  1:00 pm
Location Jefferson Conference Room on the 22nd floor of the Monroe Building, 101 N. 14th Street, Richmond, VA 23219 
Board Website www.doe.virginia.gov 
Agenda document not available
Disability Friendly? Yes       Deaf interpreter available upon request? Yes
Purpose of the meeting
The agenda and materials are available online at http://www.doe.virginia.gov/boe/committees_standing/accountability/index.shtml. Public comment will be accepted.
Meeting Scope
General business
Discuss particular regulations / chapters
Public hearing to discuss a proposed change

Contact Information
Name / Title: Ms. Emily Webb  / Director for Board Relations
Address: James Monroe Bldg.
101 N. 14th St., 25th Floor
Richmond, 23219
Email Address: Emily.Webb@doe.virginia.gov
Telephone: (804)225-2924    FAX: (804)225-2524    TDD: ()-   

Posted by editor on Tuesday, March 07 @ 06:05:31 MST (12785 reads)
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 General Notice - Hollyfield II Solar LLC - Notice of Intent - Small Renewable En

Virginia Regulatory Town Hall
Department of Environmental Quality
Department of Environmental Quality

Virginia Regulatory Town Hall
General Notice
General Notice - Hollyfield II Solar LLC - Notice of Intent - Small Renewable Energy Project (Solar)
Date Posted: 3/6/2017
Expiration Date: 4/3/2017
Submitted to Registrar for publication: YES
No comment forum defined for this notice.

A notice of intent to sumit the necessary documentation for a permit by rule for a small renewable energy project (solar) pursuant to Virginia Regulation 9VAC15-60 has been received from Hollyfield II Solar LLC.  The project will be located in King William County on 170 acres across multiple parcels, on land south of Old Newcastle Rd, north of Pamunkey River, and on either side of Bassettaire Ln. The solar project conceptually consists of 56,000 x 350-watt panels plus 7 x 2-megawatt inverters which will provide a maximum 13 MWs of nameplate capacity.

Contact Information
Name / Title: Mary E. Major 
Address: 629 East Main Street
P.O. Box 1105
Richmond, 23218
Email Address: mary.major@deq.virginia.gov
Telephone: (804)698-4423    FAX: (804)698-4510    TDD: ()-   

Posted by editor on Tuesday, March 07 @ 05:54:43 MST (3831 reads)
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 Virginia General Assembly Legislative Update 2-24-2017

Virginia General Assembly UpdatesAnonymous writes "

Special Update 2-24-2017


The session is almost over.

Only two of the bills we are following are still being worked on: HB 2024 (“Quick Take” Condemnation Proceedings), and HB 1566 (Supervising Regulatory Boards). Both bills are in conference committee today.

We have been informed that HB 2024 is on the right track to be appropriately strengthened against the misuse of “quick take” proceedings, which was previously strengthened in the Senate from a 15-day to a 30-day notification window. This may be even further strengthened in conference committee. We are keeping an eye out.

HB 1566 is also in committee to discuss amendment #5 which the House rejected and the Senate has insisted upon. The amendment states, “That the provisions of this act shall not become effective unless an appropriation effectuating the purposes of this act is included in a general appropriation act passed in 2017 by the General Assembly that becomes law.” Given that the session ends on Sunday, this amendment will likely kill this bill.


We ask that you contact the committee members listed below NOW, and ask that they REJECT HB 1566 Amendment #5. Please support this important regulatory reform.

HB 1566 Conference Committee:

Del. Richard L. Anderson (R) 804-698-1051 DelRAnderson@house.virginia.gov

Del. Jeffery M. Bourne (D) 804-698-1071 DelJBourne@house.virginia.gov

Sen. Frank M. Ruff, Jr. (R) 804-698-7515 district15@senate.virginia.gov

Sen. Jill Holtzman Vogel (R) 804-698-7527 district27@senate.virginia.gov

Sen. Frank W. Wagner (R) 804-698-7507 district07@senate.virginia.gov

Del. Michael J. Webert (R) 804-698-1018 DelMWebert@house.virginia.gov

Caleb Taylor

Director of Policy and Operations

Tertium Quids



Posted by editor on Friday, February 24 @ 12:57:06 MST (3616 reads)
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Tell Us About the Horrors of Your Divorce

the horrors you faced in family court

Tell us about the horrors you faced in family court.   Tell us about the problems you had with property settlement, child support, alimony   and custody issues as it related to your separation or divorce.  

A fit parent''s right to his children and a person''s right to private property are two of the oldest-recognized natural or unalienable rights.  These rights protect individuals from government intrusion in their most intimate relationships (parent-child) and possessions (home).  They preserve the sanctity of the family and the home.
Unfortunately, the American family and the American home are both under government assault.  When the United States Supreme Court announced its Kelo decision just a few years ago, the public suddenly realized government has almost unbridled power to take their homes.  The public did not realize government has even greater power to take their children.  Because the United States Supreme Court (or any federal court) rarely hears family law cases, these cases get very little public or national attention, such as the Kelo case received.  With very little public scrutiny, family courts have slowly chipped away at parental rights to the point where these once-sacred rights are now nothing more than a mere government-privilege.  Parents often see their children only as much as a judge will permit and make child-rearing decisions only to the extent a judge allows.
The Fifth and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution undoubtedly protect the rights to life, liberty, and property, including parental rights.  While all courts admit the Fourteenth Amendment protects parental rights, they typically follow this admission by dismantling or ignoring this right.  Each parent has equal rights to their child, yet courts routinely reduce one parent to a mere visitor in their child''s life.  Courts are now the largest cause of fatherlessness (and sometimes motherlessness) in America.
As it now stands, a parent''s right to his or her children (supposed "fundamental" or natural rights) are subject to the whim of the child''s other parent and the unfettered discretion of a single judge.  If one spouse chooses to exit the marriage, a judge then decides how much time each parent may see the child.  Instead of recognizing the equal rights of each parent, judges generally issue lopsided custody orders which allow the child to see one parent for only 20%-30% of the child''s life.  The typical every other weekend scenario removes the non-custodial parent from their child''s life for nearly 80% of the child''s life--all in the "best interests of the child."
Unbeknownst to many, the state has great incentive to separate a parent and child.  Under Title IV(D) of the Social Security Act, the state receives federal money based on the creation of a non-custodial parent and the number of child support dollars that flow through the state''s courts.  The longer the state keeps the child from one parent, the more child support the non-custodial parent must pay and thus the more federal money the state gets.
This situation is not only perverse and immoral but also unconstitutional.  Two, fit parents have equal rights to their children.  Most importantly, children have a fundamental right to a meaningful relationship with each parent.  Yet, family courts have converted children into a mere creature of the state which now decides the relationship the child may have with each parent, despite the fact that both parents may be fit and pose no threat of harm to the child. 
If you have experienced the horrors of family court, please contact us at general.counsel@uarf.us .  We are compiling data for research purposes and are looking into taking action to stop the family court''s impermissible intrusion into the American family, as well as the family courts'' destruction of the United States Constitution.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

About The Unalienable Rights Foundation

The Unalienable Rights Foundation focuses on promoting good government practices: designating officials who sacrifice the common good to special interests. We will help Americans to shine a light on those who betray the public trust:

If a public official misuses his position to demand campaign contributions, the Foundation will find creative ways to seek civil remedies.
If a witness is threatened or punished because he/she reported official misconduct, the Foundation will fight back on behalf of the witness.
If a government agency withholds information to which the public is entitled, the Foundation will help enforce legal rules regarding disclosure.
If a group libels an honest public servant, the Foundation will help the victim defend his reputation.

The Foundation will seize opportunities like these, bringing high-impact public exposures of evil doers. The majority of our reports and stories will focus on real people and their stories about the lack of government integrity. Not only do these people need and deserve our support, their stories can serve as powerful tools to seize public attention and move public opinion.

The Foundation will work with the press, government investigators, and other public interest groups to make sure that these peoples'' stories are heard. In the process, Foundation will build a non-partisan investigative alliance that transcends specific issues. Our aim is to encourage officials to be open about their values and to act based upon their honest and best assessment of the public interest.

As we do this, over time Foundation will develop a network of public interest groups, sympathetic government investigators and media contacts ... a far-reaching, more mainstream version of the conservative league of individuals that has been so effective. We will work with that network to focus public attention on government integrity and to educate the public about dishonest or disingenuous government officials. If history is any indication, this type of network can have a substantial impact on public opinion.

Meet UARF Forensic Evidence Managers

UARF Forensic Evidence Teams
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· Donald Edwards Named as UARF's Secretary / Economic Development
Tuesday, November 22
· A Conversation on Criminal Justice in the Commonwealth

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Is what you got really from UARF

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